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Introducing C8 Elite

Reason #1
Social Proof Drives Sales. According to, reviews are “trusted 12 times more than other types of marketing”.

Reason #2
You Build Trust. We are now at a point in the eComm space where it’s getting harder and harder by the day to differentiate yourself from the competition. But when your store is filled with positive and glowing reviews from superfans… who do you think new visitors will trust first?

Reason #3
You Get A Free SEO Boost. User-generated content is as valuable as gold these days when it comes to ranking higher on search results. And when your customers are doing all the heavy lifting for you… there’s literally nothing you have to do.

What Do You Actually Get Today?

  • You’re getting the powerful Review & Referral Generator.
  • You’re getting an upgrade from 1 phone number to 3.
  • We’re upgrading you from 3 team members to 5.
  • ​You’re going from 1,000 messaging credits to 5,000.
  • You’re going from 1,000 messaging credits to 5,000.
  • You’re upgrading from 3 keywords to 5 keywords.
  • ​You’re even getting your store’s custom branding on the entire platform.

What Do You Actually Get Today?

  • Review & Referral Generator Access: Let this generator automate your review and referral outreach to make your products 270% more likely to sell! (a $397 value)
  • 3+ Phone Number Upgrade: Get 3 independent Convers8ion-enabled phone numbers so your team can handle triple the contacts (value - $159/ month)
  • 5K Messaging Credits Upgrade: Ramp up your text message marketing with a huge boost to 5,000 messaging credits (value - $89/ month)
  • 5-Strong Team Member Upgrade: Get the whole team online and working in the Convers8ions platform with concurrent access to 5 members (value - $299/ month)
  • ​Custom Branding Access: Deck out your platform with your business branding, so customers have a 100% seamless journey through your store (value - $359/ month)